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(offered by Gary Gordon, Jan. 7, 2007

Dear God,
     THANK you for letting the Iraqis hang Saddam Hussein,
     and thank you for letting the two guards use their cell phones to capture the hanging,
     and thank you for the internet, so everyone could witness the hanging,
     and rejoice in it.
     THANK you for answering the prayers of so many, be they Christian, Muslim or Jew, for there is only one God, we shall have no other gods before Thee.
     THANK you for your infinite wisdom that lets us witness what truly is a just end to the leaders of nations who persecute their own people thru wilfull action or ignorance, who launch wars for either no cause or trumped up notions of national security, who plunder their own country's resources; denying food, clothing, shelter and hospital care to the needy of their own country for the sake of their own wealth or the accumulation of wealth of their friends and benefactors.
     THANK you for reminding us that posers and impostors who do not rightfully rule and that those who use your name or forsake your name to justify their actions must be dealt with swiftly and righteously in like manner for all to see and behold.
     THANK you for letting us witness Saddam twist in the hangman's rope, and for the subsequent executions to follow of those who worked with or conspired with the former leader of Iraq; thank you in your infinite wisdom for showing us the way these co-conspirators who wreak havoc and mayhem on their own people must be treated.
     THANK you for showing us that execution is righteous, that those who wail against such executions know not of what they speak for it is clear, Oh Lord, that executions such as this one will indeed discourage the wicked, arrogrant, greedy, treacherous, and murderous from engaging in their heinous ways.
     The victims of Hussein's crimes thank you, for Thou art great and powerful, O Lord;
     The victims of 9/11 thank you,
     The victims of Katrina thank you,
     FOR Thou art great and powerful, O Lord;
     THANK you for letting the two guards who mocked and taunted Hussein at his hanging speak, for surely you Most Almighty must have freed their tongues so that the high ideal of free speech could prevail, even at that somber and just occasion, and surely you in your infinite wisdom would want us to cry out "Shame!" on those who would criticize or chastise those who mock and taunt dead and dying leaders who committed such crimes against their own people and the peoples of the world, of your Kingdom.
     THANK you O Lord for showing us the way, as we struggle under the yoke of our own misfortunes and the misfortunes cast upon us by those who would betray the teachings of your only Son, Jesus Christ, for yea, as we struggle against our oppressors, those who wantonly seize and abuse power as did the ancient Romans in the days before and during the time of your Son, we are mindful of your teachings and signs.
     Those who toil in the fields and sweatshops and diamond mines, those who toil in the markets and houses of worship, those who are unjustly imprisoned, those who lie in underequipped hospitals, those of our young who suffer in schools without books or lunches or who suffer without schools, those who walk thru the valley of death and those who lie down in green pastures thank you,
     AS it is written, "with an outstretched hand and with a strong arm, even in anger, and in fury, and in great wrath", you will show us the way.
     O LORD, you teach us, you inspire us, you show us the way.
     WE THANK YOU for this and all things from which life flows.
     IN Jesus's name we pray.